A self-designated Irish philosopher of the natural kind; a self-originator
who enjoys poetically expressing his ideas via the written word.

Lived and studied for 13 years in the Far East and 6 in the Middle East.
Now living on his native isle of Éire.

“Two roads (liberated publishing versus constrained publishing) diverged in a wood,
and I ~ I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost


Cruising on the river Neckar at Heidelberg.

Salutation ~ for he believes his best originality is always yet to come!

“Some work of noble note, may yet be done.”
Alfred Lord, Tennyson

Sunday, 10th July 2016
From Ireland: a mystical and beautiful isle of the north eastern Atlantic Ocean renowned for its mighty storytellers
comes original stories for children aged between eight and twelve.
See below for the first seven.
Imaginary stories told by an imaginary schoolteacher to imaginary students in an imaginary
Irish countryside primary school.

“A story a week makes for body and mind to comfortably sleep.”

Format: eBooks




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eBk10 - the last story in this present collection - will be available from Sunday, 11th September 2016

Playing in May 2016 the part of William Butler Yeats.

Being reminded of Rembrandt’s scene of Captain Heer van Purmerlandt ordering his lieutenant,
the Heer van Laerderdingen to march the company out.

Publically available chronicle/portfolio of his works to date.

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Note:  Due to its high number of pages the following work is not available from Amazon.


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