To the fascinating world of
Richard of Éire
A self-designated lyrical Planet Earth philosopher of the natural kind; a self-originator
who enjoys poetically expressing his ideas in the written and spoken word.

Lived and studied for 13 years in the Far East (South Korea) and 6 in the Middle East (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia & United Arab Emirates).
Now living on his native isle of Éire.

“Like unto an extraterrestrial terrestrial do I feel myself to be; an outsider within.
And contrary to conventionality, I am quite at home with being thus me.”

“Two roads (liberated publishing versus constrained publishing) diverged in a wood,
and I (RMcS) ~ I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Robert Frost

“I let those who have a sense for the unique decide for themselves
what my words might mean; what my writings might mean.
Merely I am honoured and happy to be a sensitive receiver
and passionate transcriber of inspiration within my
ever-culturing listening and writing abilities.” RMcS

Salutation ~ for he believes his best originality is always yet to come!

“Some work of noble note, may yet be done.”
Alfred Lord, Tennyson

“I am persistent in my conversations with places of place Past;
with places of place Present; with places of place Future,
and with places of place Universe.” RMcS

“Be remembering we our Irish heritage with joy, pride n’ tears;
but now let’s open wide our eyes n’ ears:
it to defend for the years.” RMcS

“The right to life hidden you see is a self-fulfilling prophecy;
to who to where to what to when, how else can it be?” RMcS


Books to date: April 2019

The I be The Me
As Children Of Ireland | Abiding In Bobbio | Visitant Eve | Bradawn Yeats | A Green Desert Father
Bridging Al-Serenities | Unto Lineage Royal | Innkeeper’s Fire (Vols.1&2) | Hearing in the Write
Generations Reaching | A Jesus of Nazareth | Myriam of Lebanon

Note: All his works are Only available Online.


Kindle & Hardback editions.
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“The I one Jesus of Sepphoris of Galilee clearly state that herein is carried my true and consistent testimony as written in my own hand from the time of
my appearing on a bank of the Jordan River to my post-resurrection on the outskirts of Jerusalem.”
There thus begins this one of a kind harbinger of goodness.
Written with much enthusiasm and passion the narrative movement is lively and yet of a comfortable pace having as it does an attractive sensibility and quest.
It invites the reader to a refreshing manner of wisdom and thought which encourages an earnest commitment to live a morally good life.
It puts forth the view that to be truly human we need to live nobly and that to live nobly we need to be of a fearless trust.
This is a work of fiction fashioned from a single source, namely The Gospel According to Mark. It presents an authentic eye-witness testimony;
a first person narrative of certain events which took place in the life of a one Jesus of Sepphoris.


In February 2017 brought out a hardback edition of his 2010 paperback: Bridging Al-Serenities.
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- Description -
A delightful prose-poetic work which begins in (Pt.1) on the beautiful isle of Éire (Ireland) with the world of the invisible
presenting itself in person to the world of the visible. The focus then shifts in (Pt. 2) to the Middle East,
to a mythical queendom called Ebla set in pre-Qur’an, Bible and Torah times. The reader will be given to meet such memorable characters as
Queen Ave Éire Fragrance, King Ave Éire Sacred Manuscripts, Crown Princess Graceful, and Queen Ebla Praiseworthy to name but a few.
Seekers of wisdom, beauty, and love; seekers of spiritual contentment will find this progenitive work greatly to their liking
for it is in all respects a fragrant cornucopia of stories and narratives all richly and exquisitely seasoned with
spiritual and philosophical elegance and eloquence. This is a creative attempt at cultural bridge building;
connecting peoples and ideas by means of mythologies in the making.
One hundred newly fashioned maps, and three illustrations add to its charming mystique.


Published: 6th October 2016

See also Story Collection and Kindle Edition


Latest Kindle Editions




Converses of an Árd Rí of Ireland
For readers interested in digital editions of his March 2013, 794-paged hardback titled A Green Desert Father
they will be pleased to learn that the work has been divided up into
13 short volumes. (Available from Wednesday, 12th December 2018)
Click the covers to learn more.



Story Collection
From Ireland: a mystical and beautiful isle of the north eastern Atlantic Ocean renowned for its mighty storytellers
comes ten original long stories for children aged 8-12, their parents, grandparents, and their teachers.
Imaginary stories told by an imaginary schoolteacher to imaginary students in an imaginary
Irish countryside primary school.
Format: Kindle ebooks
Published: 3-9 September 2016



A self-published anthology of original narratives, fictional dialogues, and scenic photos
dating from Jan. 2011 to Feb. 2013 by a lyrical philosopher of Ireland.

This contemporary collectable boldly addresses several universal themes such as love, freedom, morality, human trafficking,
children and spousal abuse, religion, politics, fanaticism, prophecy, cosmology, art, fashion, music, and the esoteric.

There are conversations with for instance Anne Boleyn, Michel de Nostredame, Edgar Cayce, James Joyce,
Joseph Goebbels, Greta Garbo, The Congregatio pro Doctrina Fidei, Dalai Lama, The Holy Qur’an, Angela Merkel,
Al-Waleed al-Saud, Richard Dawkins, Michel Soyer, and Homayra Sellier just to name a few.

Aside from being a cosmopolitan work it is a one of a kind personal social commentary on early 21st century Ireland
as it contains over seventy pages devoted exclusively to the author’s historic and courageous bid
to become the 9th President of Ireland.

Edition: 1st
Published: 21st March 2013
Pages: 794
Binding: Hardcover (dust-jacket)
Note: This work is not available from Amazon due to its high number of pages.
To view an online image supplement visit: Wiseoneder

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