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Lived and studied in the Far East & Middle East
Now living on his native isle of Éire
Of the province of Munster

Richard Mc Sweeney
Richard of Éire

A lyrical self-originating Irish Philosopher of the natural kind
who enjoys poetically expressing his ideas.

Richard is the self-publisher of ten books to date: fragrant places where
the philosophical and the literary are not two but one and the same;
where the poet is at home with composing in prose and dialogue.



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  Books by Richard Mc Sweeney ... 

{Bradawn Yeats – A Khalil Gibran tribute to W.B. Yeats} (print - hardback, 87 p.)


Description: Of an eve in December 2013, the voice of Khalil Gibran visits Irish philosopher, poet, publisher, Richard of Éire while the latter is enjoying a cup of tea in a hotel lobby in Cork city in Ireland ...


{Visitant Eve} (print - hardback, 211 p.)


Description: While it is customary to have a spiritual book be solely on spirituality; a philosophical on philosophy, and a romantic on romance, it is rare indeed to come across a work that incorporates all three. Such a work is Visitant Eve. All saffron hued in a delightful Taoist sunshine ...


{A Green Desert Father} (print - hardback, 794 p.)

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Description: A self-published anthology of original narratives, fictional dialogues, and scenic photos dating from Jan. 2011 to Feb. 2013 by a lyrical philosopher of Ireland. This contemporary collectable boldly addresses several universal themes ...  Aside from being a cosmopolitan work it is a one of a kind personal social commentary on early 21st century Ireland as it contains over seventy pages devoted exclusively to the author’s historic and courageous bid to become the 9th President of Ireland.
An overview of the opening lines of several dialogues contained in the work is also viewable in the following:
Five pages


{Bridging Al-Serenities} (print - paperback, 534 p.)


Description: A delightful prose-poetic work which begins on the beautiful isle of Éire (Ireland) with the world of the invisible presenting itself in person to the world of the visible. The focus then shifts to the Middle East, to a mythical queendom set in pre-Qur'an, pre-Bible, pre-Torah times ... It is an attempt at cultural bridge building; connecting peoples and ideas. 


{Unto Lineage Royal} (print - hardback, 504 p.)


Description: Richard of Eire the self-originating philosopher, poet, artist, and publisher presents this metaphor rich life regression work as a miracle for our own day and a blessing for the generations to come ... CD of 44 poems from the work available here.


{Innkeeper’s Fire} (vols. 1&2 ) (print - hardback, 496, 608 p.)


Description: Innkeeper's Fire is a keeper; a fascinating piece of literary art ... There is the quiet man and his lady of the valley of Ballylee, the quiet man and his lady of the lake isle of Innisfree, and now here the quiet man and his lady of the hill country of Deisi Mumhan.


{Hearing in the Write} (print - hardback, 500 p.)


Description: A purely philosophical-poetic work, Hearing in the Write shows a marvellous fluidity and rapidity of thought ... presents diversion and digression in thought and expression as essential ingredients for the good of our intellectual health.


{Generations Reaching} (print - hardback, 504 p.)


Description: Profound reflections by Richard Mc Sweeney on a sampling of life's eternal concerns ...


{A Jesus of Nazareth} (print - hardback, 320 p.)


Description: A genre-breaking work readily encouraging and lending itself to comparison and contrast with the Holy Bible, the Holy Qur'an, and the Holy Tanakh as well as with the principal philosophical Taoist texts, namely the Tao Te Ching and The Chuang-Tzu ... Essentially a contemplative work ... traverses the lands we in modern times would refer to as the Arabian Peninsula, Egypt, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Palestine, and Syria.


{Myriam of Lebanon} (print - hardback, 112 p.)


Description: This unique work, established on Kahlil Gibran's The Prophet  was debuted and warmly received at an International Conference on Gibran held in Beirut in April 2006 ... This work is a bright beacon of hope and strength for our times and beyond; a beautiful and endearing work born of the green fields of Eire and the snow-capped mountains of Lebanon.




Brief biographical note of a 21st century-based creative custodian; a serene practitioner of the ancient art of self-originating artistry.

Gaeilge name:  Risteárd Seosamh Mac Suibhne (Uí Éire)
English name:  Richard Joseph Mc Sweeney (of Éire)
Month of birth: July 1955
Place of birth:  Fermoy, County Cork, Isle of Éire

Mystical minded Richard Mc Sweeney: a nuptial hermit, and father of two dwells on an extraordinary beautiful green desert isle in the Northern Atlantic Ocean, namely the lovely isle of Éire (Ireland); an isle of the isles.

Richard lived in Seoul in the Republic of Korea for some thirteen years before moving to the Middle East where he spent three years in Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and a further three in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. 

While concurrently working as a fulltime lecturer in the Department of English Language & Literature in the University of Seoul, South Korea he gained a BA in Korean Language & Literature from Kyunggi University, and a MA in Classical Chinese Philosophy from Seoul National University, both of which he accomplished through the mediums of Korean and Classical Chinese.

His Masters thesis: {A Re-illumination on the General Understanding of Chuang-tzu's Tao} was written entirely in Korean and Classical Chinese having both Gaeilge and English abstracts. 

He was also enrolled in the PhD programme in the same department at SNU but discontinued after two years in order that he and his family could move to Ireland for the sake of their children’s education; a life-changing move that quite unbeknownst even to himself at the time would eventually afford him the ideal setting in which to develop and explore his gift for writing. 

For the last thirteen years he has lived in a small village in western county Waterford in his native Ireland where he has written ten fascinating books: philosophical reflections on life based on his experiences of having lived in different cultures. 'Bradawn Yeats', 'Visitant Eve', 'A Green Desert Father', 'Bridging Al-Serenities', 'Unto Lineage Royal', 'Innkeeper’s Fire', 'Hearing in the Write', 'Generations Reaching', 'A Jesus of Nazareth', and 'Myriam of Lebanon'.  

From Sunday, the 8th May 2011 to Tuesday, the 27th September 2011 he put himself forward as a possible independent candidate for the 9th President of Ireland. 

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