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Risteárd Mac Suibhne; Richard of Éire is a self-designated Planet Earth philosopher of the natural kind; a self-originator who enjoys expressing his ideas and insights: his philosophical fiction in a charmingly personal prose-poetic style.
He is happily married to Lee Sung-ja 李勝子 of Seoul, Republic of Korea. They live on the beautiful isle of Éire - Ireland. Their son and daughter are also happily married and have children of their own.

He is the son of Risteárd Mac Suibhne (1923-1985) of the environs of the village of Baile Mhúirne - Ballyvourney in southwest county Cork and Siobhán Ni hÉalaighthe of the environs of the village of Gleannúir - Glanworth in northeast county Cork. He himself was born in the town of Mainistir Fhear Maí - Fermoy also in northeast county Cork.

The closing two decades of the last century saw him teaching English Language and Literature and studying philosophy in the Far East and the Middle East.

He has a Masters in Chinese Taoist Philosophy (Lao-Tzu & Chuang-Tzu) from Seoul National University which he gained through the mediums of Korean and Classical Chinese. He was also enrolled in the PhD programme for two years in the same department at SNU. He has a BA in Korean Language & Literature from Kyunggi University in Seoul and a Diploma in Philosophy & Arts from Saint Patrick’s College in Maynooth, County Kildare. The latter he gained while being (for six years) a Catholic seminarian for the priesthood with the Missionary Society of St. Columban based in Dalgan Park, Navan, County Meath in Ireland.

He has been constantly practicing the art of expressing himself in written form ever since returning to Ireland in June 2001.

To date he has published sixteen books: The Visions of The Shepherd being his most recent which he brought out in September 2020.

Always he keeps before him the belief that his best originality is yet to come.

From 13th May 2011 to 27th September 2011 he put himself forth as a possible independent candidate for 9th President of Ireland.

Senator David Norris, Richard Mc Sweeney, Seán Gallagher and Mary Davis in Kerry County Council offices in Tralee on Monday, 18th July 2011. Courtesy of The Irish Times ©Tuesday, 19th July 2011.

Senior news reporter at The Corkman Newspaper: Bill Browne - 15th September 2011: "INDEPENDENT Fermoy based presidential candidate Richard Mc Sweeney has made an emotional appeal to Cork County Councillors to back his campaign for the Aras."

My journey to Áras an Uachtaráin, n' the World

Tuesday, 30th January 2018
Richard announced:

“Already a month has almost gone by since I tossed my four sacred keys into the Ocean of Oblivion. Namely: since I either permanently deleted or deactivated my Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest accounts. And I am not missing them in the slightest, even though I had been with them for a number of years: had hundreds of followers, shared loads of photographs and penned thousands of tweets.”


“Like unto an extraterrestrial terrestrial do I feel myself to be; an outsider within. And contrary to conventionality, I am quite at home with being thus me.” RMcS
“I let those who have a sense for the unique decide for themselves what my words might mean; what my writings might mean. Merely I am honoured and happy to be a sensitive receiver and passionate transcriber of inspiration within my ever-culturing listening and writing abilities.” RMcS
“I am persistent in my conversations with places of place Past; with places of place Present; with places of place Future and with places of place Universe.” RMcS
“Be remembering we our Irish heritage with joy, pride n’ tears; but now let’s open wide our eyes n’ ears: it to defend for the years.” RMcS
“The right to life hidden you see is a self-fulfilling prophecy; to who to where to what to when, how else can it be?” RMcS
“A living dynamic in the service of change do I take my philosophising to be.” RMcS
Made the following comment on Monday, 1st February 2021 on a Newstalk YouTube video:

      ‘They were round objects, gone in the blink of an eye’ – Ireland’s UFO Sightings

[The presenter’s question goes right to the heart of the matter:

      “How does it feel to have an experience like that and know that you know that so many of the people you tell aren’t going to believe you?”
        And even more so the caller’s reply:
      “… I just stay quiet about it.”

Wherever on the planet people have seen things; whether in the countryside strolling, sitting on the balcony of a high-rise apartment or from the deck of a ship, the cockpit of an airplane or a Space Shuttle or the International Space Station or even from the surface of the Moon: have seen things not of home sweet home; not of Planet Earth, many, if not the majority of them, will have all come to the wise realisation that the best thing for them to do is to say absolutely nothing about it; just stay quiet about the experience (at least for the time being anyway) for only in that way can they get on with living their life as normally as possible. The privilege is to have seen the special; the burden to have to keep quiet about it until the time is right; until people: until all people will be able to sing the new song.] RMcS
6th February 2021 - commenting on a speech:

      President Higgins lends support to “Ireland Reads” campaign (Thursday, 4th February 2021)

His Excellency’s words are greatly welcomed.

Especially, I like where he speaks of - “The initiative aims to help us all to combat so-called ‘lockdown fatigue’ by encouraging us to reacquaint ourselves with the wonders of literature, and the pleasures of reading, to take time to sit and enjoy a book, or perhaps a poem, a newspaper, a magazine or comic” and in particular –“or whatever it is the eyes might fall upon.”

The Chinese Taoist philosopher, Zhuangzi 莊子 (350 BC-250 BC) was asked: “What is meant by the true person?” And he answered as follows:


“The true people of old did not reject (the views of) the few; they did not seek to accomplish (their ends) like heroes (before others); they did not lay plans to attain those ends. Being such, though they might make mistakes, they had no occasion for repentance; though they might succeed, they had no self-complacency. Being such, they could ascend the loftiest heights without fear; they could pass through water without being made wet by it; they could go into fire without being burnt; so it was that by their knowledge they ascended to and reached the Dao.”

In the 1968 musical drama film Oliver Twist the question in a song is asked:
“Who will buy my sweet red roses? . . . There must be someone who will buy.”

The Lebanese poet-philosopher, Gibran Khalil Gibran in his work, The Garden of the Prophet presents the following:
“Behold, there was a man standing at the cross-roads with hands stretched forth unto the passers-by, and his hands were filled with jewels. And he called upon the passers-by, saying: ‘Pity me, and take from me. In God’s name, take out of my hands and console me.’ But the passers-by only looked upon him, and none took out of his hand. Would rather that he were a beggar stretching forth his hand to receive – ay, a shivering hand, and brought back empty to his bosom – than to stretch it forth full of rich gifts and find none to receive.”

And Jesus of Galilee had this to say:
“To what shall I compare this generation? It is like little children sitting in the market places, who call to the others, and say ‘We piped the flute for you [playing wedding], and you did not dance; we wailed sad dirges [playing funeral], and you did not mourn and cry aloud.’” Mt. 16-17

I would like to extend an invitation to my fellow Irish readers to go on a digital reading excursion into the world of the author hermits of this green desert island we call home. Who are these people? They are writers rejected by mainstream and traditional publishers; by newspapers, radio stations, television channels and social-media platforms; rejected primarily on the grounds that their writings have little or no commercial value. There must surely be many such hermits who have for years been conscientiously perfecting their gifted craft; making every effort to create works that will reflect their particular take on reality. These are the outsiders within.

Readers, you will always have the popular staple diet of books; will always have the consensus of the majority classics but when will you ever make - if not now - the opportunity to read the writings of your own green desert hermits? Those writers who have been outcast; those courageous few who have been banished and sacrificed to the oldest trick in the book, namely the running down of the clock. Perhaps at times they feel very much like Zhuangzi, the Oliver Twist singer, Gibran and Jesus.

Save for the Google Play Store the writings of these hermits would be all but forgotten and you would never have the opportunity to appreciate them. Now however they are available as affordable ebooks in some 70 countries around the world. Global readers purchase these based on the sincerity of the writer and wholly decide for themselves the merit of the works. Finding them worthy they gladly recommend them along. This is the 21st century way of Planet Reads.

And to conclude with His Excellency’s fine philosophical words:
“Books are . . . a portal into a wider universe and the beginning of an enriching and creative journey that will transport us . . . to new places, introduce us to new experiences that enable us to experience, engage with and change the world.”

Thursday, 25 February 2021 - Posted the following unanswered question and comment during the live streaming of –

     President hosts second “Machnamh 100” seminar - “Empire: Instincts, Interests, Power and Resistance”

“Peace is indeed a process but so too is conflict. We know day is day and night night but how can we clearly identify if we are now in the process of peace or in the process of conflict?” RMcS

“There is nothing ordinary about the ordinary people of Ireland. In fact, quite extraordinary would be more true to say, given the resolute way, in which they have survived down through the centuries.” RMcS

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