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Fourth of June 2018 cruising on the River Shannon.

Risteárd Mac Suibhne; Richard of Éire is a self-designated Planet Earth philosopher of the natural kind; a self-originator who enjoys expressing his ideas in a personal prose-poetic style.

He is happily married to Sung-ja Lee of Korea. They live on the beautiful isle of Éire - Ireland. Their son and daughter are also happily married.

A delightful day spent cruising on the River Shannon with Sung-ja near Ballina, County Tipperary on Monday, the 4th June 2018.

The closing two decades of the last century saw him teaching English Language and Literature and studying philosophy in the Far East and the Middle East.

He has a Masters in Chinese Taoist Philosophy (Lao-Tzu & Chuang-Tzu) from Seoul National University which he gained through the mediums of Korean and Classical Chinese.

He was also enrolled in the PhD programme for two years in the same department at SNU.
He has a BA in Korean Language & Literature from Kyunggi University in Seoul and a Diploma in Philosophy & Arts from Saint Patrick’s College in Maynooth, County Kildare.

He has been constantly practicing the art of expressing himself in written form ever since returning to Ireland in June 2001.

He done substitution work a number of times (2002-2004) in Glanworth National School, Glanworth, County Cork (classes 4, 5 & 6).

Glanworth is his beloved mother's native village.
This very happy memorable experience along with stories told to him by his mother from her childhood would twelve years later be the inspiration for his own stories for children.

He has published fifteen hardback books to date: The Visions of The Shepherd being his most recent which he brought out in September 2020.

His latest paperback is Rich Voy Beinecke’s Dream which he brought out in December 2019.

A number of his works also have Kindle editions.

Always he keeps before him the belief that his best originality is yet to come.

From 13th May 2011 to 27th September 2011 he put himself forth as a possible independent candidate for 9th President of Ireland.

Senator David Norris, Richard Mc Sweeney, Seán Gallagher and Mary Davis in Kerry County Council offices in Tralee on Monday, 18th July 2011. Courtesy of The Irish Times ©Tuesday, 19th July 2011.

Senior news reporter at The Corkman Newspaper: Bill Browne - 15th September 2011: "INDEPENDENT Fermoy based presidential candidate Richard Mc Sweeney has made an emotional appeal to Cork County Councillors to back his campaign for the Aras."

My journey to Áras an Uachtaráin, n' the World


“Like unto an extraterrestrial terrestrial do I feel myself to be; an outsider within. And contrary to conventionality, I am quite at home with being thus me.” RMcS
“I let those who have a sense for the unique decide for themselves what my words might mean; what my writings might mean. Merely I am honoured and happy to be a sensitive receiver and passionate transcriber of inspiration within my ever-culturing listening and writing abilities.” RMcS
“I am persistent in my conversations with places of place Past; with places of place Present; with places of place Future and with places of place Universe.” RMcS
“Be remembering we our Irish heritage with joy, pride n’ tears; but now let’s open wide our eyes n’ ears: it to defend for the years.” RMcS
“The right to life hidden you see is a self-fulfilling prophecy; to who to where to what to when, how else can it be?” RMcS
“A living dynamic in the service of change do I take my philosophising to be.” RMcS

Tuesday, 30th January 2018
Richard announced:

“Already a month has almost gone by since I tossed my four sacred keys into the Ocean of Oblivion. Namely: since I either permanently deleted or deactivated my Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest accounts. And I am not missing them in the slightest, even though I had been with them for a number of years: had hundreds of followers, shared loads of photographs and penned thousands of tweets.”

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